Bungalow Adaption For Accessibility

In January, we successfully completed a comprehensive bungalow adaptation project in Clayton-le-woods, aimed at meeting our clients’ specific needs. Here’s how we transformed the property to enhance both functionality and comfort.

Before the work:

Structural Bungalow Work

To begin with, we undertook a significant structural overhaul, removing existing paramount walls to reconfigure the layout. This not only created more space but also allowed us to improve insulation, ensuring better energy efficiency for the property.

Wetroom Installation

One of the focal points of our project was the installation of a brand-new wetroom. Customized to specifications, it features a comfort height toilet, Mira Advance Flex shower, and polysafe non-slip flooring, prioritising both safety and comfort.


Recognising the importance of accessibility, we installed a new disabled low-level uPVC door, making entry and exit easier for all occupants. Additionally, we fitted a low-level bifold door between the lounge and conservatory, seamlessly integrating the two spaces. Both doors were equipped with aluminium ramps, ensuring smooth transitions for those with mobility challenges.

Key Features of Our Bungalow Adaptation Include:

  • Installation of a new wetroom
  • Upgraded boiler system for improved efficiency
  • Integration of bi-folding doors to enhance indoor-outdoor flow
  • Replacement of the fuse-board for enhanced electrical safety
  • Installation of oak internal disabled access doors for durability and aesthetics
  • Fitting of a Howdens kitchen, tailored to the client’s preferences
  • Incorporation of a feature window, offering views of the garden
  • Complete internal layout rebuild for optimised space utilisation and functionality

At SR Bell, we take pride in delivering tailored solutions that prioritise our clients’ needs. Contact us today to learn more about how we can transform your space to better suit your lifestyle and requirements.