Project Overview:

We proudly present the successful completion of our latest garage conversion project in Whittle-le-Woods. The assignment involved the meticulous transformation of a double garage into a versatile space, catering to both storage needs and the creation of a brand-new office. Remarkably, the entire process, from conceptualisation to decoration and the installation of a media wall, was accomplished within a swift 13 working days.

Scope of Work:

  1. Efficient Space Utilisation: The primary challenge of this project was to optimize the available space effectively. Our team expertly split the double garage, creating a functional single garage for storage purposes and carving out a dedicated area for a contemporary office space.
  2. Rapid Turnaround Time: One of the distinguishing features of this project was its prompt turnaround. Completing the transformation in just 13 working days highlighted our commitment to efficiency without compromising on quality. The timeline encompassed not only the structural changes but also the crucial phases of decoration and the installation of a media wall.
  3. Comprehensive Project Management: Our approach to project management is all-encompassing. From liaising with building control authorities to delivering fully furnished builds, we take pride in offering a hassle-free, man-managed experience. This ensures that clients can entrust the entirety of their project to us, with the assurance that every detail is expertly handled.
  4. Multi-Functional Outcome: The converted space now serves a dual purpose, providing a practical and organised storage area within the garage while seamlessly integrating a contemporary office. This versatility ensures that the client has a dynamic and adaptable space to suit various needs.
  5. Entertainment Zone for Better Weather: Acknowledging the importance of outdoor enjoyment, the conversion has also added an entertaining element. In better weather, the transformed garage space provides an area for leisure and social gatherings, enhancing the overall utility and enjoyment of the property.

Our Offer:

At the heart of our success lies a commitment to delivering a complete and managed experience for our clients. From inception to the final touch, we ensure that every aspect of the project is handled with precision and care. This includes navigating regulatory requirements, managing the construction process, and delivering a fully furnished end product.

Invitation to Collaborate:

If you have a project in mind, we invite you to get in touch with our team. Whether it’s a garage conversion, a home renovation, or any other construction endeavour, our expertise is at your service. Transform your vision into reality with our dedicated team of professionals.


This case study showcases not only our technical proficiency in executing a garage conversion but also our commitment to efficiency, comprehensive project management, and the creation of multi-functional spaces that enhance the overall living experience. Contact us today, and let us bring your project to life.